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    Здравейте всички.
    Мълвата за нашата комикс сцена е достигнала вече до Полша и имаме покана да представим страната си на техния фестивал:

    We are looking for Bulgarian comic artists who would like to participate in exhibition during the LIGATURA in June. It's International Comic Culture Festival ‘LIGATURA’ which is taking place in Poznan, Poland 1- 4 VI 2011.

    The festival will present all the most important initiatives, publishing houses and all the trends in the general reflection upon the tradition and the development of the comics art. (for further details, visit our website:
    This edition of the festival will focus mainly on Central Europe. The exhibitions of contemporary comic artists would be one of the most significant part of the festival. Presenting other European countries, we would feel honoured to exhibit a piece of work made by a Bulgarian artist.
    If you're interested please, send us an e-mail:


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