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[ImagineFX Challenge] ImagineFX Christmas challenge

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  1. orehovka

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    За това почти не е останало време, но все пак ако има някакви скоростно рисуващи хора - за тях е.

    You may remember that team IFX are far too lazy busy to change the Image of the Day on the homepage during the festive period. So, we're setting you an art challenge to create a seasonal image that will be our Image for Christmas on our homepage throughout Christmas and New Year (from 23 Dec to 5 January). Think of all those people clicking on your image and getting to view your gallery of lovely artwork...

    The theme? How about over-indulgence at Christmas and New Year. It's what Christmas is for innit? Oh, and someone's birthday apparently...

    The deadline for posting final images is midnight (GMT) Sunday 21th December 2008. We’ll pick a winner and that image will be on our homepage for all of the festive period.

    Повече инфо тук ---

    Gangnam style!

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