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[Imagine FX Challenge] Frazetta challenge!

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  1. orehovka

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    We heart Frazetta. He has inspired so many artists around the globe that we feel the need to pay tribute to his amazing work in the magazine... therefore we’re planning a special Frazetta feature for ImagineFX very soon - and we want you lovely forumites to be involved.

    We want you to submit a Frazetta-inspired sketch. That’s it.

    You can draw anything you like (it can be anything from a simple b&w pencil sketch to a full colour illustration) and it can be completed traditionally or digitally - as long as it's inspired by or related to Frank Frazetta's amazing art. Easy.

    Dimensions 11x11cm. 300dpi.

    Upload your art here by midnight Sunday 13 Jan to be in with a chance of joining this tribute. The best sketches will make it into ImagineFX magazine.

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