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[Deviantart contest] Evil Dead Contest: Famous Deadites!

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  1. orehovka

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    Illustrate someone famous as a Deadite. (what is Deadite? --- here:


    - The famous person must be REAL, no fictional characters. Famous people can include celebrities, athletes, politicians, famous authors, artists, etc. If you're not sure the person you've picked is "famous", just note us first and we'll let you know if they're acceptable.
    - All mediums accepted, except for photomanipulations and/or photos.
    - No text in the piece.

    Deadline: January 20th, 2009, 11:59pm PST.


    1st Place:
    - 1 year DeviantArt subscription.
    - A feature on our DA page (Featured Deviation)
    - A feature on our MySpace page.

    2nd Place:
    - 3 month DeviantArt subscription.

    3rd Place:
    - 1 month DeviantArt subscription.

    Повече информация тук -

    Gangnam style!

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