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[Deviantart contest] Магьосница

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  1. orehovka

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    he new contest arrived. If you like fantasy, sorceresses and witches, you should have fun with the theme. This is creative contest, which means you have a lot of freedom in design. Of course there aresome basic rules that you have to follow. The contest is a big one so no need to hurry - I prefer quality over quantity.

    The subject is my OC Rascandra. She is an old witch but she looks like a beautiful young woman. Rascandra rules over fantasy land Kszunn and is Queen of the North (did I hear "OZ"?). You can rely on Wizard of Oz, Stardust, Tin Man and other witches - she is spawn of my witchy fascination.

    Повече инфо - тук:

    Gangnam style!

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