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    Много новини за конкурси днес, ако ги поствам поотделно сигурно ще направя 15-тина теми, затова ги събирам жанрово. Това е темата за конкурси за дизайн на лого.

    1. Logo Design Contest win $250.00!!!
    The Model Cage- Logo Design Contest:

    Design one or more logo concepts for use as the main identity, for The Model Cage. This logo will be used on all manner of advertising. From a traditional business card and letterhead… We are looking for an actual logo not web banners.

    The Model Cage is a brand new modeling agency located in Plano Texas, just north of Dallas. It is owned co-equally by Jay Elewitz of Raw Perception Studio and Ripley Van Pierce of Death Rock Cafe. The agency is currently building a website and recruiting models for a near future grand opening and we need a logo that best suits the style of company we are which is primarily focused on art, fetish, and horror photography.

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    Gangnam style!

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